Frequently Asked Questions


What are the show hours?

The main showcase starts at 6:30pm and runs until 10:00pm. Admission will begin at 6:15pm so that guests may collect their glassware and event programme. Early Admission is at 5:30pm and grants patrons entry into one of four masterclasses taking place on the lower level of Roy Thomson Hall, after which time they will enjoy priority entrance to the main tasting hall.

What is included in the price of my ticket?

Admission includes a Blender’s Crystal Malt Whisky Glass imported from Scotland, a full colour event programme, live jazz and bossa nova, a gourmet table d’hôte, access to a dozen masterclasses being presented on the lower level of Roy Thomson Hall, a selection of 100 plus whiskies, fine spirits and cocktails courtesy of exhibitors located throughout the Main floor and Mezzanine level.

Is dinner included?

While a hot and cold table d’hote will be available all evening, this is not intended to replace dinner so please ensure that you eat before coming to the show. There are a variety of eating establishments in all price ranges near Roy Thomson Hall.

Must I purchase tasting tickets on top of my admission ticket?

No, there are no additional charges for samples or food at the event, but additional Blender's Malt Whisky Glasses will be available to purchase at a cost of $10 apiece (cash sales only).

Where are the masterclasses held?

Masterclasses are held on the lower level of Roy Thomson Hall and the ushers in the Hall will be guiding patrons to the classes they have reserved. The first set starts at 5:30pm and are reserved for those who have purchased Early Admission tickets. The remaining masterclasses start at 7:00pm and 8:30pm and run for 45 minutes.

How may I reserve a masterclass seat?

Masterclass seats may be reserved when purchasing your ticket to the show through Roy Thomson Hall’s box office. Please note that masterclasses are very popular and most classes will be fully reserved on the first day of ticket sales. NB: Please note that masterclass reservations for each time slot will be limited to the number of tickets purchased for the show itself.

Can I attend a masterclass without a seat reservation?

Seating in the 5:30pm masterclasses is restricted to those who have purchased Early Admission tickets. Reservations for the 7pm and 8:30pm masterclasses guarantee seating until 5 minutes before the class starts, after which time the Hall reserves the right to re-assign any seats that have not been claimed by patrons with reservations. These empty seats will be assigned on a first come, first served basis by an usher at the top of the stairs leading to Roy Thomson Hall's lower level.

I am late for a masterclass and I have a seat reservation; may I still join the class?

Unfortunately, masterclass reservations guarantee your seat until 5 minutes before the start of the masterclass at which time all empty seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

May I still enjoy a cigar with my samples on the outdoor terrace?

Regretfully, as of January 1, 2015, the Smoke Free Ontario Act prohibits smoking on any outdoor terrace open to the public, and this now includes venues such as Roy Thomson Hall, regardless of whether or not the event is ticketed. As a result the patio will be closed for the show. Please note that patrons may leave the event to smoke outside the main lobby doors, but they are not permitted to take any drink samples outside.

I’ve misplaced my glass; may I have another?

The Blender’s Malt Whisky Glass has been specially imported for the show from Scotland and is yours to keep. One glass is given to each ticket holder; replacements or souvenirs may be purchased for $10 apiece (cash sales only). Those who lose their glass and do not wish to buy another may request an ISO tasting glass to use for the remainder of the evening.

What does “Proper Dress” mean? Are jeans OK?

Proper dress can certainly include jeans but does not cover gym wear, sneakers or muscle shirts. It is requested that you dress for a special night out on the town or, at the very least, a job interview. Tuxedos, designer frocks, jackets and ties, and stilettos are all encouraged. And by all means if you have a kilt this is the time to wear it!

For fashion clues from past events please review our Photo Gallery.

How do you define ‘intoxication’?

The point at which security asks you to leave.

I’ve had too much to drink and have been asked to leave; may I have a refund?